Justice League America Movie

About the Movie

In 2007, Warner Bros films announced plans to film a movie based on the Justice League of America. Keirnan and Michele Mulroney were hired to write the script. They wrote the Kiefer Sutherland movie Mirrors. The comic books usually have the heroes band together to fight alien forces or groups of villains.

In 2008, the movie was rumored to be on track with Megan Gale as Wonder Woman.

In 2010, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson announced they had no plans to interconnect the Superman, Batman and even the Green Lantern movies. Instead, they believe that their "stories and characters ... will lend themselves to great standalone experiences."

Big News!

In 2012, DC Announced they expect to accelerate development of a movie that will join Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and "other characters" following an important legal victory over the Superman franchise. They expect to shoot the film in 2013 and release it in 2015! Allegedly they have the script already ready to go, and just need to line up talent on both sides of the camera.


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